Is Your Cat Hiding Tooth Pain?

Gresham Animal Hospital_Is Your Cat Hiding Tooth Pain
Many of our beloved companions, the cats that pool in the cushy recesses of our laps, vibrating with soft warmth, have significant gingivitis and even periodontal disease by the tender age of four. This slow progressing but serious disease can cause pain that can seriously damage your kitty’s quality of life. Cats typically won’t show signs of oral discomfort, and since the pain associated with dental problems develops slowly over time, it is important that your cat has their oral health assessed at least semi-annually.
Our feline companions are remarkably skilled at hiding symptoms of pain, so keep an eye out for the symptoms of dental problems:

  • Noticeably foul breath
  • Pawing and scratching at the mouth
  • Excessive drooling
  • Difficulty eating or loss of appetite
  • Discolored, swollen, bleeding gums
  • Loose, broken, missing teeth
  • The sudden appearance of blood in saliva or nasal discharge
  • Visible lesions in and around your cat’s mouth

If you have observed any of the above symptoms or are simply concerned with maintaining your cat’s oral health, call 503.666.1600 to schedule an appointment with Gresham Animal Hospital right away.
Letting the team at Gresham Animal Hospital care for your pet’s teeth is one of the best things you can do for their health. Our team is skilled, professional, and willing to work with your pet’s specific needs to ensure a quality experience is had by both pets and pet parents alike.
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