Winter Tips For Pets That Most Owners Forget

Gresham Animal Hospital_Winter Tips For Pets That Most Owners Forget
We all want to be good pet owners, and we get better at it every year. There may be a few winter tips that we neglect. We scoured some cold weather tips from both the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals and American Veterinary Medical Association for some of the lesser-known tips for keeping your furry family member tip-top in the winter. These tips apply to cats and dogs.

Towels…Lots of Towels

The cold weather can cause your pet’s skin to get itchy and flaky. Towel dry your pet as soon as they come inside. If you are going on long walks you may want to bring a towel with you to make sure they stay dry. Keeping the bellies dry where more skin is exposed can be very important.

Check the Paws

Paws can get injured or damaged during cold weather. Accumulation of debris like ice, rocks, or frozen dirt between the toes can be painful for your pet and lead to further injuries. If you can, clip the hair between your dog’s toes to help prevent debris accumulation. Again, towels come in handy to wipe the paws after a walk.

The Fur is Not Enough

It is easy to assume that pets can withstand colder weather due to their fur. They get cold too. Consider a sweater, even consider multiple sweaters so you have a dry one on-hand at all times. If the sweater gets wet, it can make your pet colder.

Watch out for Antifreeze

Coolants like antifreeze can be lethal for cats and dogs. If you see a spill, clean it up. Use a towel and wipe the paws when they come inside to make sure your pets did not walk in any chemicals while they were out and about.

Winter Wellness Exam

You should get your pet checked once a year. Also, keep in mind that cold weather can worsen some medical conditions. Wintertime is a great time to get that annual check-up to make sure your pet is as healthy as possible.
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