Ways To Keep Your Pet Safe This Winter 


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Remember To Keep Your Pet Safe This Winter 

Winter can be a hard time for pets – which is why pet owners should be all the more careful to make sure your furry loved one is safe this winter season! Below are some tips to help keep your pet healthy and safe over the winter. 

Know Their Limits 

Depending on your pet’s age, size, and fur length, they may be more or less susceptible to the cold than other pets. Adjust time spent outside as necessary, and give your pets a sweater or coat if they need it. 

Check Before Driving Off 

Cats tend to shelter in the wheel wells of cars to keep warm. Be sure to check for any cats under the wheel wells or under the car before you drive away so they don’t get hurt. 

Wipe Paws Clean 

When you take your dog walking in the winter, their paws can pick up all sorts of nasty things – including antifreeze and de-icers. Wipe their paws cleans to prevent them from licking these dangerous substances off their paws. While you’re at it, check their paws for injuries such as cracks or any bleeding. 

Wipe Fur Dry 

Pets might be damp when coming in from outside, so be sure to wipe them dry so they can warm up quickly. 

Keep The Leash On 

The last thing you want is for your pet to get lost out in the winter cold. Keep them leashed and make sure their collars have the most up-to-date contact info. For extra safety, consider getting your pets microchipped. 

Let Pets Stay At Home 

Much like hot cars in the summer can be dangerous for your pets, cold cars are dangerous too. Don’t take your pets on unnecessary trips, especially if you plan to leave them in your car. Let them stay home instead. 

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