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Tips To Protect Your Pet From Being Stolen

Gresham Animal Hospital_Lost_dog
Probably the worst situation a pet owner can go through is pet theft. The panic and the worry is enough to drive anyone crazy. Save yourself the panic and prevent it from even happening with these tips.

Microchipping and tags
Lucy said: “Microchips are not a replacement for ID tags on collars – legally all dogs need to have both. Having clear identification details on your pet means it can be quickly reunited with its owner should it get lost. Remember to make sure your details are always kept up-to-date and to replace ID tags as soon as possible should anything change.”
GPS dog trackers
“Advances in technology mean keeping track of your dog whilst out and about has become a lot easier,” said Lucy. “Dog trackers fit to your dog’s collar and use GPS signals to provide live tracking information 24 hours a day. They are ideal when you are out and about on walks or simply want to monitor your dog’s activity.
“Products such as the Dog Tracker Nano will even allow you to set safety zones around your location with audible alerts should your dog wander too far from you.”
Pets in public
Lucy continued: “Avoid leaving your pet alone in public places or cars. If you know your schedule will include visiting somewhere that dogs aren’t allowed, then it is safer to leave them at home.
“When getting your dog out of the car at the end of a journey, make sure they are attached to you by their lead to keep them safe and secure.”
Lost and found
Lucy added: “If your dog is stolen then inform the police immediately. They take all crimes very seriously and will issue you with a crime reference number. You should also contact your local authority dog warden service, local vets, any rescue centers and The Petlog Reunification Service to make them aware your dog has gone missing.
“Share photographs and information about when and where your dog was last seen with as many sources as possible. Posting details on social media and encouraging others to share, contacting the media as well as internet-based search organisations will all improve your chances of reuniting you with your dog.”

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