Tips To Help Keep Your Pups Hydrated in Peak Summer Weather

Gresham Animal Hospital_Tips To Help Keep Your Pups Hydrated in Peak Summer Weather
As temperatures reach triple digits in the Pacific Northwest, pet owners must remain aware of their pet’s water intake. Extreme heat can bring out all manner of undesirable and worrisome behavior in our pets, but staying on top of your pup’s hydration can curb many ailments that can affect our faithful companions.

Water Bowl

The simple and obvious solution to keeping you pup hydrated is keeping their water bowl full of fresh, cool water. But hot weather can cause serious canine malaise, so dressing up that crisp clean water with an ice cube or three made with chicken or beef broth can turn an apathetic pal into a tongue splashing hydration master in no time flat.

Cooling Towel

Cooling towels can work wonders for larger dogs with denser coats. Dogs lose moisture through excessive panting, keeping them cool with damp cooling towels made for just for their darling puppy necks can help keep excessive panting at bay.

Wet Food

Switching to wet food or mixing a bit of wet food in with the dry meals is another easy way to introduce more water into your pup’s system. Many dogs will also accept a healthy dollop of canned pumpkin atop their dry food – a great way to promote hydration as well as digestive health.

Ice Chips

Ice chips can help an overheated pup decrease their temperature while replacing lost moisture, and a good spray with a hose can also help cool down an overly hot dog.
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