Tips For Neighborhood Jogging With Your Dog

Exercising with your pooch can be an awesome bonding activity that you both benefit from. Aside from boosting your physical health, it can do wonders for your mental health. So, now that you know that steady exercise can be a phenomenal way to enjoy time with your canine companion, improve your physical and mental health and keep your pup calm and fulfilled, how can you safely engage in outdoor activity? As the fall days get shorter and shorter and many of us are leaving for and arriving from work when the sun is far below the horizon, it can become challenging to stay active and get out-of-doors with our dogs in tow. These suggestions can help make those evening walks and jogs safe for both you and your pet.

Wear bright reflective clothing.

Even if your neighborhood is brightly lit, wearing a reflective vest, armbands, leggings and/or hats will give you an extra level of safety -and if your neighborhood is dim, invest in reflective gear for you and your pup to increase your visibility on dark evenings and mornings.

Always use a leash.

Even the most obedient dogs are vulnerable in the evening. Keeping your pooch close to you will keep them safer.

Talk to your vet.

Visit your local vet and talk about other products that can help keep your dog safe during evening jogs. There is a myriad of dog accessories like leash and collar lights, special leads and wearable gear that can protect your dog.
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