Tips For Keeping Your Pets Safe And Happy In The Water #5

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We are continuing our series on how to keep your pup safe when you play in the water this summer!
With the warm weather on the way you are probably looking forward to spending some quality time with your dog at the river lake or maybe even the pool! There are a few things you should keep in mind when taking your pup to go play in the water, especially for a fun and safe time! The fourth thing is to make sure to keep your dog safe from the summer heat.

5. Protect your pet from the heat
Summer heat can be deadly for pets. Since dogs do not sweat like humans it is harder for them to keep cool when temperatures and humidity soar.
Direct sun, hot sand and concrete can not only burn your pup’s paws but also cause heat stroke. Symptoms of overheating include excessive panting, difficulty breathing, lethargy, drooling, vomiting and even collapse.
If you believe you dog is experiencing heat stroke immediately take action to cool them down. Find shade; provide fresh drinking water; lay down a wet towel for them to lie on (dogs cool from the bottom up so a towel underneath does more than if placed over their back); pour or spray cool water (not cold) on them including their paws and belly; and fan them.

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