Tips For Keeping Your Pets Safe And Happy In The Water #3

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We are continuing our series on how to keep your pup safe when you play in the water this summer!
With the warm weather on the way you are probably looking forward to spending some quality time with your dog at the river lake or maybe even the pool! There are a few things you should keep in mind when taking your pup to go play in the water, especially for a fun and safe time! The third thing is to make sure your pup has a way out of the water.

3. Teach your dog how to get out of the water
This is particularly important when it comes to swimming pools. If a dog falls into a pool they will instinctively head toward the nearest edge and try to pull themselves out. Panic will quickly lead to exhaustion and they could drown.
In your own home and when visiting a friend’s pool, take the time to teach your dog where the steps are located. Repeatedly get in and out with them using only the steps until it becomes clear they know how to exit the water. If your dog is too tiny to use the steps there are numerous water ramps that can be installed that will provide a safe exit.
Being in the water with your pup is a great way to supervise and make the experience fun for them. Try inventing a water game they enjoy (fetch the ball or swim for treats) and they will begin to think swimming is the best thing ever.
In fact, at our pool we keep the treat jar next to the pool steps which offers great motivation, but also requires more supervision to make sure the treats don’t all disappear at once.

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