Tips For Keeping Your Pets Safe And Happy In The Water #2

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We are continuing our series on how to keep your pup safe when you play in the water this summer!
With the warm weather on the way you are probably looking forward to spending some quality time with your dog at the river lake or maybe even the pool! There are a few things you should keep in mind when taking your pup to go play in the water, especially for a fun and safe time! The second thing is to get a life jacket for your up! Everyone needs one, and dogs are no exception.

2. Invest in a good canine life vest
If you plan on spending any time this summer with your dog near or on the water, do yourself and your pup a big favor and purchase a well-fitting, comfy life vest for them.
It’s perfect to use when teaching your dog water safety and an absolute essential if they are boating with you. Not only will it keep them afloat but it also serves as a handle for you to steady them or pull them up into a boat if necessary.
Keep in mind that your pooch will weigh more when wet so make sure you are able to actually lift them this way before you go out on the water.
A bright-colored vest with reflective strips will keep your dog visible to you and others. Get your pup used to the vest by putting it on them around the house. Tell them how great they look in it, offer them a super treat, or even take them for a walk in it and they will begin to associate it with “good” stuff.
The vest fit should be snug but comfy. Measure both girth and length in addition to weight for the best fit. Breathable mesh on the under belly can prevent chafing, which your dog will thank you for.

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