Tips For Keeping Your Pets Safe And Happy In The Water #1

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With the warm weather on the way you are probably looking forward to spending some quality time with your dog at the river lake or maybe even the pool! There are a few things you should keep in mind when taking your pup to go play in the water, especially for a fun and safe time! The first is remembering not all dogs were born for the water.

1. Remember not all dogs are natural swimmers
Don’t assume your dog will automatically be able to swim. Instinctively, they will start to paddle when they are in water but that doesn’t mean they will stay afloat.
It’s always best to introduce your pup slowly to the water and see how they do. Start in a shallow area with two people so one can stay with the dog and the other can call it to come to them. Make it fun for them with lots of praise, treats or toys as their reward.
As they become more comfortable you can increase the distance and depth of the water they are in, but always make sure to stay close in case they need help.

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