Tips For Keeping Your Pet Safe During Christmas #2

The most wonderful time of the year is here! Are your pets ready for all the extra guests, parties, and food that are bound to be around this holiday season? The holidays can be a little hazardous to your pet’s safety with all the extra company, decorations, and food. Here are a few tips to make sure your pet stays safe this holiday season.

Keep an eye on the Christmas treats: we all love indulging in lots of fancy festive fare at Christmas. Whilst we readily fill up on gastronomic goodies many festive foods hold an unexpected threat to our furry friends. Chocolate, nuts, grapes, and raisins are all highly toxic to animals and can cause serious digestive issues. Always avoid the temptation to feed your pets with human treats and keep an eye on them to ensure they aren’t sneaking a snack behind your back. Keep pets healthy and calm by sticking to their regular diet and normal feeding times throughout the festive period.

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