Tips For Keeping Halloween Safe For Pets #4

Halloween is a fun time of year filled with treats decorations and costumes! But for your pet, it can be rather dangerous with all that extra candy lying around and extra people coming to your door. Here are some safety tips for your pets as you celebrate this time of year.

7: Keep flashlights, glow sticks, necklaces and jewelry away from the pet.
Even though most of the liquid inside glow products isn’t usually toxic (because it is made for kids), it does taste bitter and will more than likely make a pet salivate excessively, drool, and act strangely. Similarly, flashlights usually contain batteries and bulbs that are toxic and dangerous if swallowed by an unsuspecting pet.
8: Consider keeping your pet away from the action.
If your pet is easily frightened, not comfortable around strange people or aggressive toward children or other animals, it is best to keep him indoors or, better yet, in a room or kennel that is out of sight from all of the activities. Cats, in general, tend to be more nervous or scared during these times and may try to run out the door or seek a hiding place in the house that may not be safe. To avoid any unplanned incidents of terror, plan on putting the pets away before the trick-or-treating hours begin.

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