Tips For Keeping Clean With Pet Fur

Anyone with a furry loved one knows how hard it is to keep couches and carpets clean. It gets everywhere! Not only does it not look good, but it can bother people who suffer from allergies. Here are some tips for keeping your carpet and couches relatively fur free.

“Vacuuming would be the best thing to do, with a well-working vacuum or sweeper,” says Robert Warden, owner of Cleaning Connection. “Sometimes that doesn’t always get the little hairs that intertwine in the fabric. For that, often lint rollers work well for pulling hair out of furniture and upholstery. It can even be used on some carpets effectively. I’m pretty big on using common household items. If you don’t have a lint roller, use duct or masking tape to make your own.”
Pet beds can help with limiting the hair left behind by your pet.
“If you keep them groomed regularly or use hair mitts, that cuts down on shedding,” says Rosie Beamer, owner of Trusty Corporate Cleaning. “I’ve seen people put a pet blanket down so the pet always lays on it. Then you can just pick it up and shake it outside, then throw it in the wash. There are also over-the-counter sprays that will deter your pet from getting on the furniture. You can buy them at any retail store if you don’t want them on the furniture at all.”

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