Tips For Being A Responsible Pet Owner #1

We love our pets. Sometimes we spoil them rotten. Other times we have to be the responsible one (No, you can’t have the whole bag of treats. You will throw up). Dr. Debbye Turner Bell, a veterinarian and expert contributor to Animal Planet and CBS News, shared her top five tips for being a responsible dog owner.

1. Choose the right pet for your family and lifestyle.

Turner Bell advocates making the right decisions before you buy your dog. Do you want a guard dog or one for companionship? Are you looking for a hunting dog or a lapdog? Make an informed decision by researching different breeds.

Additionally, buying a dog will not just affect your life: It will also have an impact on your entire family and household. Turner Bell says that a family with younger children may not want a small dog, while an elderly person may not want a rambunctious canine.


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