Tip #6 For Keeping Your Home Pet-Safe and Pet Friendly

Pet Safe Home 6

It’s very important that your pet is living in an environment that is free from health hazards. Gresham Animal Hospital would like to help you take the proper measures needed to make sure your pet is happy and healthy in your home. Read our sixth tip for a happy and healthy pet below: 

Create a Pet Area
To keep your pet extra safe, designate an area solely for them. Provide a bed, food, clean water and toys in an area without any potential hazards. However, make sure to store a litter box in a place away from the feeding area or your pet may not use it. If your pet is curious, consider crate training or block off an area with a baby gate.

SRC: Read the whole article yourself at www.thenorthernlight.com/2015/09/16/tips-for-keeping-your-home-pet-safe-and-pet-friendly/

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