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Tip #5 To Make Sure You Never Lose Your Dog

Gresham Animal Hospital_Dogs_Outside_Ticks
Losing your dog is probably one of the worst nightmares for a pet parent. Many people consider their dog as part of the family, and if that family member is lost it can be very scary. Save you and your family some anxiety and follow these 10 tips to make sure you never lose your dog. Here is Tip #5:

5. Secure Yard And Home

One of the most common ways a dog gets lost is when they escape your yard. There have been plenty of times people will find dogs wandering their neighborhood and mistake them for strays, when really they accidentally just got out of their own property. If you let your dog in the yard, make sure you have double checked the fencing around your property. You want the right height fence depending on the size of your dog so they can’t jump over it. And even if they can’t jump the fence, your dog still might be able to dig its way out. A good way to prevent this is with rocks or chicken wire lining the bottom of the fence. Also, to prevent your dog from squeezing through the fence, check for any lose panels that your dog can fit through.

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