Tip #5 For Indoor Pets Venturing Outside

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Gresham Animal Hospital cares about the safety of your pets. For Pets that are usually kept indoors, certain precautions should be taken.

Below is the fifth and final safety tip you should take when letting an indoor pet venture in the great outdoors:

Adjust food and water with the season
Adjusting your pet’s feeding habits can help regulate their body temperature throughout the year. Animals exposed to low temperatures should consume two to three times the amount of calories they eat at a moderate temperature. For outdoor cats and dogs, this may mean changing their present diets to include food higher in fat during winter months.

It’s vital to note that water is the single most important resource to provide your animal, especially during warmer months. Make sure your pet has access to cool, clean drinking water at all times, and remember, water can evaporate quickly in high temperatures, so it’s best to check on the amount of available water several times throughout the day. If you’re not at home, think about putting an attachment on an outdoor faucet so that your animal can get as much water as needed. Cold weather can also hinder your pet’s ability to properly hydrate. To ensure their water supply doesn’t freeze over, consider placing a heated bowl outside. A good rule to remember is that pets should consume one ounce of water per pound of body weight.

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