Tip #3 To Make Sure You Never Lose Your Dog

Losing your dog is probably one of the worst nightmares for a pet parent. Many people consider their dog as part of the family, and if that family member is lost it can be very scary. Save you and your family some anxiety and follow these 10 tips to make sure you never lose your dog. Here is Tip #3:

3. Teach ‘Come’ And Stay’

Two essential commands your dog must know are ‘Come’ and ‘Stay.’ With these two commands, the probability of your dog getting lost is less likely. Whether you are taking your dog for a walk, are at the park, or going for a drive, there is a chance your dog could see something they find exciting or interesting and take off. If your dog knows these commands and recognizes you as their leader, they will stop. Knowing these commands not only can keep your dog from getting lost, but they could even save your dog’s life–for example, stopping them from running into a street of cars. It is important to teach your dogs these commands starting from when they are puppies.

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