Tip #3 For Keeping Your Pet Safe in the Heat

Keep Dog Cool 3

The summer heat can be overwhelming and it is important to keep your dog safe in the heat! Gresham Animal Hospital would like to viagra provide the third tip on how to keep your pets safe in the heat below!

Never leave your pet in a parked car. Studies show that on a

hot day, the temperature inside a car can reach more than 160 degrees F in five cialis minutes. Leaving the windows cracked for fresh air viagra or parking in the shade doesn’t keep temperatures from soaring, viagra either. Leaving pets in the car “just for a minute” is never a good idea.

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SRC: Read all of the tips and online pharmacy more at www.news-journalonline.com/article/20150808/NEWS/150809653?Title=8-tips-to-help-pets-beat-the-heat&tc=ar

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