Tip #2 To Make Sure You Never Lose Your Dog


Losing your dog is probably one of the worst nightmares for a pet parent. Many people consider their dog as part of the family, and if that family member is lost it can be very scary. Save you and your family some anxiety and follow these 10 tips to make sure you never lose your dog. Here is Tip #2:

2. Collar With Dog Tags

While it may seem obvious, some people forget how extremely vital it is for your dog to not only have a secure collar, but also have a dog tag. Loose collars can fall off and, over time, become torn and wear down. It is important that you check your dog’s collar to make sure it is still in proper shape. Also, you don’t want to choke your dog, so be sure to find an even balance between secure and comfortable. While most people use collars, many forget how important dog tags are. You should definitely consider a dog tag because they make it very easy for someone to identify your dog and their contact information immediately on sight. You can make custom dog tags at your local pet store for an affordable price. You can also write your phone number on the collar itself as a precaution.

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