Tip #2 For Training A New Puppy

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Getting a new puppy is exciting, but training them can be a challenge. Here is Tip #2 for training puppies.

2. Lead by Example (and the Occasional Treat)

New puppies are extremely motivated by treats. A reward-based training program is a great way to encourage your dog to learn and follow commands. However, you need to be mindful that too many treats can cause weight gain, so make sure to slowly ween him off treats as he starts to perform behaviors based on verbal commands. Also, training your dog with rewards isn’t the only tool you have when training on your own. Who’s the pack leader in your house? Dogs are “pack” animals, and by instinct they follow the “alpha dog.” Be your dog’s pack leader by setting and showing him a firm example of how you expect him to behave. Use verbal praise every time he completes a command to reinforce the good behavior, as well as strengthen your bond.

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