Tip #1 For Keeping Your Home Pet-Safe and Pet Friendly

Pet Safe Home 1

It’s very important that your pet is living in an environment that is free from health hazards. Gresham Animal Hospital would like to help you take the proper measures needed to make sure your pet is happy and healthy in your home. Read our first tip for a happy and healthy pet below: 

Check From a Pet’s Eye View
Try getting down on all fours to take a tour of your house. By doing this you can see exactly what your dog and cat can see, which often may be overlooked. Identify and fix any hazards that you may not have noticed previously. Check for any choking, strangulation, suffocation and electrocution hazards. Unplug or cover wires and electrical cords so your pet can’t get to them. Make sure there are no human foods or medications that pets can easily access. Remove objects that act as ladders to counters or tables, where pets can get into mischief. Consider latching cupboards that contain cleaning supplies.

SRC: Read the whole article yourself at www.thenorthernlight.com/2015/09/16/tips-for-keeping-your-home-pet-safe-and-pet-friendly/

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