Things To Consider Before Adopting A Pet: #6

Gresham Animal Hospital_Things_To_Consider_Before_Adopting_6
If you are thinking about adopting an animal there are some serious questions you need to be asking yourself. A pet is at least a 10-15 year commitment so it’s important to be committed. Here is a list of 11 things to think about before you adopt a pet.

6. What About All That Grooming?

 If you have a dog with long or curly hair — think adorable poodles or Afghan hounds — you’re going to have to do some pretty intense maintenance. And that can get pricey. “Professional dog grooming runs from $50-$90 and you’ll need to do it every couple of months for a dog with long fur,” said Travis Newcomb on (That’s about $360 if you go four times a year, just FYI.) You also might want to consider allergies, if you have them, and whether or not shedding bothers you.

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