Gresham Animal Hospital_Things_That_Make_Your_Interesting_To_Your_Dog_4

Things That Make You Interesting To Your Dog: #4

Gresham Animal Hospital_Things_That_Make_Your_Interesting_To_Your_Dog_4
Our pets are our best friends. We love them and they love us, but to them, we do some very odd things. Like not letting them do things that should obviously be allowed. What are some of the things that our dogs think you just don’t understand?

4. It’s a dog’s sovereign right and duty to lick its butt

Gross… and generally OK, right?
Yes, but not too much. Too much licking or dragging your dog’s rear on the carpet can be a sign of intestinal worms, anal gland impaction and allergies, according to Dr. David Elbeze of PetCoach. So if Fido seems to be really going at it, you may want to schedule an appointment with your veterinarian and get it checked out.

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SRC: 9 Things Your Dog Doesn’t Think You Understand

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