These 3 Snake Breeds Make Amazing Family Pets

Gresham Animal Hospital_These 3 Snake Breeds Make Amazing Family Pets
The perfect family pet isn’t always an aloof housecat or jubilant dog. Nor is it always a chipper songbird or gossamer bunny rabbit. For many families, snakes and reptiles are the house pets of choice, and it’s easy to see why. Certain breeds of snake can be just as affectionate and charismatic as the most lovable pup, just as many breeds of reptile can be delightful additions to families with children. For families with members that suffer from common pet allergies, snakes and reptiles can be a perfect way to introduce pet care to an otherwise incapable pet lover. These three breeds of snake are fabulous first pets, do well with children, and have a charm all their own.
Ball Pythons are commonly regarded as the best snakes for families with children. They’ve been captive bred for generations and are exceedingly gentle and docile. Ball Pythons very rarely strike or bite, in fact, a child is far more likely to sustain a minor injury from a feisty puppy or kitten than from a Ball Python.
Not unlike Ball Pythons, Corn Snakes have been bred in captivity for many generations, producing not just an exceedingly pleasant companion, but also a myriad of fantastic colors and patterns. Corn Snakes are available, by far, in more colors and patterns than any other domesticated snake.
Clever King Snakes are another captive bred breed that does well with families. These snakes are best adopted through a reputable breeder to ensure their health and longevity—which can be up to 30 years!
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