The Perks Of Pests — Why Rats Make Such Good Pets

Gresham Animal Hospital_The Perks Of Pests-Why Rats Make Such Good Pets
For many, rats are perfect pets. Their cunning, charismatic and affectionate nature makes them ideal companions for those with limited space or an aversion to larger pets. In the Pacific Northwest, rats are also a common pest, and for many, it can be hard to reconcile the wild rat’s penchant for nuisance with the domesticated rat’s proclivity for cuddling. Let us assure you, there are many great reasons to adopt a domesticated, or fancy, rat.


Several small pets intended for small children bite. Rarely are these injuries cause for alarm, but they are obnoxious nonetheless. Rats rarely if ever bite their humans, and you should expect nothing less from an animal that so appreciates human touch.


Rats keep themselves remarkably clean. You may also be surprised to learn that rats groom themselves far more than house cats and can be trained to use litter boxes. Pairs of rats will also spend time grooming each other in some of the cutest scenes of animal interaction you’ll ever witness.


Rats are incredibly clever, as evidenced by their scientific exploitation. The image of a rat navigating a maze is cemented in our common memories, but more than smarts, rats have an amazing capacity for emotion, not unlike humans, which is one of the reasons they are so often utilized in a scientific manner.


Rats are social, they adore their humans and have charismatic ways of showing their love and affection. Their particular affinity for children has made them pets of choice for families with smaller kids for decades.
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