The Best Pets For Toddlers And Small Children

Bringing a pet into a home with a small child takes a considerable amount of time and deliberation. Low maintenance pets have the potential to teach children important lessons about responsibility and caring for others, but there are many variables to consider. Many pets get along beautifully with small kiddos and others might not be the most affectionate choice for baby’s first pet. Consider the following best choices as pets for toddlers and small children.


Kittens and puppies may seem like an obvious choice until you take into account house training a dog while juggling diapers, or trimming a kitten’s ultra-sharp claws before they have a chance to get too rough playing with your babe.
Instead, give thought to adopting an older pup or kitty cat who are already acclimated to the wild ways of children. Other pets recommended as first pets for children include goldfish and hamsters; both are low maintenance and have the potential to teach children important lessons about responsibility and caring for others.


Goldfish and beta fish both offer older toddlers and grade school children the opportunity to practice their autonomy and care for a pet. Both these fish breeds are easy to care for and lovely to look at, making them a great choice for a first pet.


Gerbils and hamsters are great pets for children a bit older, who have demonstrated a modicum of responsibility and care with other animals. While gerbils and hamsters require a bit more care than goldfish, they remain low maintenance enough for grade schoolers to successfully care for.
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