The Best Pets For Elderly Adopters

Companion pets for the elderly have some of the most important jobs in animal kind. Designating a pet as a pivotal emotional support pillar for an elderly friend or family member takes time and consideration. As there is no one type of elder, there is no one standard pet to suit the needs of all people in their golden years. Knowing the precise needs of the potential adoptee and lining them up with the needs and emotional contributions of a new pet will help you on your way to choosing the best companion pet.
Active lifestyles continue well into later years for many Oregonians. Our quality of life is such that we see many retirees engaging in marathons, mountain climbing, long distance biking and more. Similarly, there are those who want nothing more than to spend their retirement in quiet contemplation, with an equally quiet companion by their side. Finding the best pet involves taking careful inventory of what the potential adopter’s lifestyle requires and moving forward from there.
Small dogs can be more suited to sedentary lifestyles, while active, energetic breeds are wonderful companions for enthusiastically active older folks. Older cats with an air of malaise about them are wonderfully low maintenance, but can still provide warm affection when the mood strikes.
When choosing a pet for an older person, consult with a local veterinarian to discuss the wants and needs of both adoptee and adopter.
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