Summer Safety Tip #3

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Summer time is here! Picnics and beach parties and walks at the park are all great and wonderfully fun activities to do with your pet! But summertime can be dangerous for your fluffy family members too. Between the heat, and the hot sidewalks summertime can be rough on your pets. Always make sure to be aware of the hazards around water!

3. Water Hazards

Just because dogs instinctively know how to swim doesn’t mean they know how to get out of a pool. If they jump into your pool, they may not be able to get out without help and could drown. Teach your dog an exit strategy by using the stairs with him 5 to 10 times in a row to help him learn where they are. A pet pool ramp in the deep end is something else to consider.
Going boating? Be sure doggie wears a life vest in a bright color to help stay visible and afloat in the event of an accident.
When in the ocean, lakes, rivers or streams be aware of currents and riptides that can sweep a dog out to sea or send them tumbling downstream. Some lakes with a high algae content can produce a toxin that can make dogs severely ill. Be very careful where you choose to let them cool off.

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