Summer Pet Safety Tips #3 | Cooling Off Your Pet

Gresham Animal Hospital_Summer_Pet_Safety_Tips_3_The_Importance_Of_Cooling_Off
We are going to be focusing on summer safety tips for this series.
Summer time is here! Picnics and beach parties and walks at the park are all great and wonderfully fun activities to do with your pet! But summertime can be dangerous for your fluffy family members too. Between the heat, and the hot sidewalks summertime can be rough on your pets.
There are a few steps you can take to keep your pet safe this summer. The 3rd step is to make sure they can keep cool.

Some dogs enjoy the water and placing a small kiddie wading pool in the yard filled with water will allow them to cool off while outside. However, do not leave them unattended! Be sure to dump the dirty water and change it daily to prevent mosquitos from using it as a breeding ground, or make an inexpensive chlorine dispenser by taking an old margarine container with lid, wash it thoroughly, punch a few holes in the bottom and put a chlorine tablet inside it and then float it inside the wading pool.

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