Start 2018 on the Right Foot (or Paw) With These Tips For Optimum Pet Health

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Make 2018 all about smart choices for not just yourself, but also your beloved pets. Aside from the same old annual resolutions—eat better, exercise out more often, work less (or more—depending on your priorities, etc.)—make 2018 the year that you and your pets live your absolute best lives. Now, that is not to say you aren’t doing just that already, but these few tips may help improve your pet’s quality of life even if it is already outstanding.


Stay aware of your pet’s energy levels throughout the year. As the seasons progress, make sure your pet is getting the precise nutrients they need to thrive, regardless of the temperature or conditions. Naturally, as pets age, their energy levels tend to decrease, but in addition to age, improper nutrition can lead to lethargy, so look for incremental changes in your pet’s enthusiasm as the weather changes.


While we’re on the subject of dietary needs, make sure that your pet’s (specifically your canine companion’s) food does not contain any of these ingredients:

  • Ethoxyquin (a preservative found in rubber and pesticides)
  • Meat byproducts (these could very well include rotting tissue, cancerous innards, etc.)
  • Added colors like Red #40 and Blue #2 (these artificial additives have the potential to be very harmful to your pet’s health)

Paying closer attention to your pet’s diet can result in lasting, positive health changes, so be sure to read their food labels with the same intent you would read your own.


Make interaction a priority. Just as humans require interaction, so do your canine companions. This may not ring true for your feline friends or avian accomplices, but for your dogs, playtime is a must, and if there are other friendly pups in the community, make it a dog park play date.
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