Safety Tips For Pets During Windy Weather

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Are Wind Gusts in Gresham That Serious?

The east winds make high, gusty winds a common occurrence here in the Gresham and Troutdale area. According to the wind forecast, Gresham has already peaked at 17 mph winds and will reach 16 mph again before the end of the month. Just for some context, when winds reach 18 mph, most meteorologists consider this as severe wind weather. When winds gusts go beyond 20 mph you can expect small trees to sway and branches to break—30 mph winds make it hazardous to drive.

Are Heavy Winds a Hazard to My Pets?

Sure, trees and branches take the brunt of the damage from strong winds—but what about pets? The short answer is yes; heavy winds can be a hazard to pets, both directly and indirectly. The number one indirect hazard to pets during heavy wind conditions is damage to fencing which allows frightened pets to escape. Next up is the danger of blowing debris that can cause injury to outside pets. Finally, the mere force of a 40 mph gust of wind can carry a small pet for some distance. Use the following tips to keep your pet safe during windy conditions.

  • Check all fencing periodically. Check again right after a storm.
  • Make sure your gates are locked.
  • Bring your pet inside during the storm.
  • If you let your pet outside keep a close eye on him at all times.
  • Take your dog out on a leash to ensure he is safe and secure.

My Pets Stay Outside

If you have outdoor dogs and cats, here are some safety tips for them during the windy season.

  • Provide a dry, elevated dog house with clean, dry bedding and a flap over the opening to keep drafts out. A good doghouse should be big enough to allow your dog to sit and lay down comfortably but be small enough to hold in his body heat.
  • To make sure a cat has not crawled underneath your car to seek shelter and warmth near the engine, tap on the hood of the car before starting the engine.

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