Gresham Animal Hospital_Safety_Tips_For_Getting_New_Dogs_When_You_Have_Kids_6

Safety Tips For Getting New Dogs When You Have Kids: #6

Gresham Animal Hospital_Safety_Tips_For_Getting_New_Dogs_When_You_Have_Kids_6
There are so many variables to consider when choosing to adopt a new family member like breed and lifestyle. As is the way of things, kids make this process a little more complicated. You want to make sure your new family member is a match for everybody. One important thing to do when you are considering adopting a dog when you have kids is to make sure you have a conversation with them about being kind and understanding with your new dog.

6. Be kind and understanding

Talk with your child about kindness. If someone is unkind to them, how does it make them feel? Now ask your child, if they were to be unkind to your dog, how do they think the dog would feel? Emphasize the importance of being kind.
Kids don’t always understand how to communicate with pets, especially when dogs don’t understand your child’s commands. This is why it’s better to adopt dog breeds that work well with kids. But ideally, your child will find a way to be more kind and understanding.

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