Gresham Animal Hospital_Safety_Tips_For_Getting_New_Dogs_When_You_Have_Kids_14

Safety Tips For Getting New Dogs When You Have Kids: #14

Gresham Animal Hospital_Safety_Tips_For_Getting_New_Dogs_When_You_Have_Kids_14
We are continuing our series on steps to prepare your kids for adopting a new dog. If you are considering to adopt a new dog there are so many variables to consider, like breed and lifestyle. Kids make this process a little more complicated, as they tend to. Making sure your new family member is a match for everybody is incredibly important. One important thing to do when you are considering adopting a dog when you have kids is to make sure you keep in mind that all dogs are different and will need different tactics.

14. All dogs are different
Help your child to understand that their dog is not the same as every other dog. Explain this using your child as an example. Is your child like Johnny from their class at school? In some ways they are, but in many other ways, they are different.
Apply this concept to your dog. Explain that just because your child likes vanilla ice cream, doesn’t mean that Johnny does and just because your dog likes children playing with them and is kind, doesn’t mean that a strangers dog is.

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