Safely Keeping Your Pup Active During a Hot Summer

Gresham Animal Hospital_Safely Keeping Your Pup Active During a Hot Summer
During the hotter summer months, pet owners may be more than satisfied spending their days lazing with the AC on high, but canine companions typically need a bit more activity. When sidewalks are hot enough to burn bare paws, and penetrating heat carries a nagging threat of sunstroke, a pet parent may find themselves asking, “How can I make sure my pup is getting the exercise and fresh air they need while keeping them safe from sun-related maladies?”


Typically, a seasoned pet parent will have a summer regimen in place before the mercury creeps past the mid-70s on the patio thermometer, but new pet parents have a learning curve as they get to know their dog’s behaviors and specific needs.

Get a Trim

For instance, shaggier dogs would likely need close cuts that eliminate the majority of thick fur. Relieving them of the burden of all that extra fluff will keep them from overheating on walks.

Go for an Early Walk

Speaking of walks, keeping your dog active during the day can be worrisome when afternoon temps reach triple digits, so consider early morning or evening walks as opposed to afternoon strolls. And dog parents with access to a garden hose should consider a quick cooling, post-walk spritz.

Puppy Pools

Shallow kiddie pools for smaller children are also easily transformed into doggie water parks; just add cool water from your hose and let puppers live out a few mermaid fantasies. Soaking of your own feet is optional but definitely encouraged.

Help! I’m Hot!

Pay attention to your dog’s hot weather behaviors so you can get in front of those temperature-related ailments before they become emergencies.
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