Quick Tips For Training New Puppies

Gresham Animal Hospital_Quick Tips For Training New Puppies
New pups are a joy! They’re exuberant, adorable balls of unconditional love. Training them early might seem as if you are taking the joyful wind out of their sails a bit early in life, however, getting a head start on house training, leash training, and behavior training will result in a happier pooch in the long run.
The most important thing for a new puppy is to feel a sense of security. Take time to bond with your puppy outside of vigorous play. Have quiet time together to establish a strong bond. This will increase the likelihood that your training is successful.
Start with creating structure. If you are a working a typical 40-hour week and your pup will be spending considerable time alone, resist the urge to comfort your pup at every lonely whine. Eventually, with an established schedule, your pup will learn to self-soothe and while away the day without anxiety.
Just like children, puppies are highly impressionable. Start with simple commands – sit, stay, heel – and work on perfecting them before moving on to more complicated commands. Making sure you have structure and simple commands mastered while your pup is young ensures your dog will grow into a confident, obedient dog.
Try to avoid spanking, yelling or any other aggressive form of correction with your pup. Instead, lead by calm example. Gently correct your pups bad behavior while encouraging the behavior you desire.
Always consult with your vet when bringing a new pup into your family. Making sure Fido is healthy is the first step in making sure Fido is happy.
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