Pets: Our True Best Friends

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As it turns out, our pets really are “man’s best friend.” While this might not come as a shock to pet-owners, those who don’t own pets might be surprised, or even confused by, the bond that many of us share with our pets. Read about a survey on how much we value the relationship with our pets:

WASHINGTON, Feb. 25, 2016 /PRNewswire/ — With the exception of their spouse/partner and child, when you ask Americans about their relationships, 40% of pet owners will tell you hands down their pet is the most important relationship in their day-to-day life, according to a survey undertaken by Hart Research Associates and McGinn and Company.
“Pets outrank friends, parents, siblings and co-workers,” said Peter D. Hart of Hart Research Associates, who conducted the survey. “Pets are, in many instances, the glue that keeps the household together.”
The survey was conducted online with a cross section of 2,330 adults nationwide and also found that a higher percentage of those with pets are happier with their relationships with family and friends than those without a family pet.
“This can be verified by our own observation—most dog owners know the name of their neighbor’s dog, but not the name of their neighbor,” said Dan McGinn, CEO and founder of McGinn and Company, joint sponsor of the survey.
The corollary to this point is households with pets are less likely to be happy with their financial situation.
“Take a look at the veterinarian bills and that will explain why pet owners are less secure financially than non-pet owners,” said Hart.

SRC: Find additional research about this survey here:

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