Pets Are Good For Your Mental Health

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We’ve all been there. You’ve had a bad day, you come home, and your dog is right there to greet you. You end up curling up on the couch or bed and your dog jumps up with you, comforting you. Did you know that dogs can help with mental health?

Study Shows Your Pet Is Good for Your Health 
Do you sometimes feel like your pet’s butler and cook? Americans walk their dogs, cats and other critters, cook for them, and even celebrate their birthdays.
But it turns out the benefits go both directions. If you own a pet, scientists say your blood pressure and heart rate are probably lower, and your risk of heart disease is reduced.
Do you feel like your pet is driving you crazy? According to scientists, it is actually helping your mental health. Here is a look at how your pet is a big plus for better health.
Your Mental Health
Emotional Support Animals are now used in treatment and considered part of the normal care for a variety of mental health issues. Pet therapy, formally called animal-assisted intervention, is boosting the effects of conventional remedies.
For example, dogs and other pets are now a staple at children’s hospitals and adult rehabilitation centers. In years past, such a thing would have been unthinkable, due to fears of infection.
Current thought is that the social support these animals provide is critical for successful outcomes. They help with anxiety, loneliness and stress for any age, from children to seniors. Less stress frees the body to concentrate on healing.

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SRC: Study Shows Pets Are Good For Mental Health

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