Gresham Animal Hospital_Pet_Friendly_Decorating_Tips_7

Pet Friendly Decorating Tips: #7

Gresham Animal Hospital_Pet_Friendly_Decorating_Tips_7
We are continuing our series Pet-Friendly Decorating Tips.
We love our dogs but between potty training and all that fur, it can be a little hard to try and decorate our homes around them. Not to mention somethings can be hazardous to their safety and health! Here are a few pet-friendly decorating tips for you and your home! One thing you can do for your home is to pick out fabrics that will resist stains, not absorb them!

Resist the Stain
Forget upholstering in velvet, silk or chintz, and discover Crypton!  Resistant to bacteria, smells and stains, this practically indestructible synthetic fabric includes twills and sturdy suedes for the pet-obsessed.  Love your leather?  While easy-clean and durable, you’ll see claw marks.  Pleather offers a cruelty-free, inexpensive alternative to leather, while machine-washable microfiber Ultrasuede feels like suede and stays cool and comfy in every climate.

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SRC: 8 Great Tips for Pet-Friendly Home Decorating

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