Gresham Animal Hospital_Pet_Friendly_Decorating_Tips_6

Pet Friendly Decorating Tips: #6

Gresham Animal Hospital_Pet_Friendly_Decorating_Tips_6
We are continuing our series Pet-Friendly Decorating Tips.
We love our dogs but between potty training and all that fur, it can be a little hard to try and decorate our homes around them. Not to mention somethings can be hazardous to their safety and health! Here are a few pet-friendly decorating tips for you and your home! One thing you can do for your home is to plan out the paint you use for your home to make cleaning up messes quicker and easier!

Pet Paint
Pets leave smudges on walls–drool, mud, poop, etc.  For this reason, avoid flat-finish paint–just attempt wiping off a spot and you’ll take off paint as well, leaving an ugly mark.  Semigloss wipes down easier, but the sheen emphasizes dents and dings.  Go for satin or eggshell finishes for elegant, easy-to-clean paint.  Better yet, try Real Milk Paint; it’s environmentally-friendly, non-toxic, 100% organic, fume-free and easy-to-use!

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SRC: 8 Great Tips for Pet-Friendly Home Decorating

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