Gresham Animal Hospital_Pet_Friendly_Decorating_Tips_3

Pet Friendly Decorating Tips: #3

Gresham Animal Hospital_Pet_Friendly_Decorating_Tips_3
We are continuing our series Pet-Friendly Decorating Tips.
We love our dogs but between potty training and all that fur, it can be a little hard to try and decorate our homes around them. Not to mention somethings can be hazardous to their safety and health! Here are a few pet-friendly decorating tips for you and your home! One thing you can decorate your home with is rugs and furniture that match your pet’s fur!

Ever attempted picking tons of white cat hair off of a black sweater?  Imagine trying to do the same for an entire home’s worth of furniture– forget that!  Instead, match your home decor to your pet! Black Labrador? Black couch! White kittens?  White rugs!  This practical choice means hair left by pets blends in as opposed to standing out, screaming for immediate, repeated vacuuming.

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SRC: 8 Great Tips for Pet-Friendly Home Decorating

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