Pet Boarding With Gresham Animal Hospital

Gresham Animal Hospital_Pet Boarding With Gresham Animal Hospital

Pet Boarding Services With Gresham Animal Hospital

Headed out of town, but worried about leaving your pet behind? If your pet needs a place to stay where he is ensured nutritious food, plenty of water, and regular exercise while you’re away or if your pet has medical requirements, we can keep your pet safe and happy and in good hands at Gresham Animal Hospital.

We honestly believe the best place for your pet is at home. But what if you can’t be there and you don’t have a neighbor, friend, or relative you can trust to walk your dog or clean the litter box twice daily? You’ll find professional and caring pet boarding services for your pet with Gresham Animal Hospital.
Standard boarding and medical boarding services — we are able to provide standard boarding as well as more intensive medical boarding that you would not want to leave to just anyone.
Older cats or dogs that need special attention or medications…we can do that.
We have separate spaces for dogs and cats — as well as for pets who need special medical treatments…yes, we can do that too. Each cat has its own space looking out onto green space to watch birds and butterflies. They are not staring across the way at a strange cat.
Dogs get top-tier care as well. They are individually allowed off-leash three times daily in our fenced-in arena. Dogs that have extended stays can receive a complimentary bath. All boarding, food, and water dishes are disinfected daily. All pets receive clean bedding daily. (How many people hotels do you know of that offer daily bedding services like that?)
Pets who stay must be current on their required shots. We require dogs to be current on their DHPP/Rabies and Bordatella vaccines, while cats need to be current on their FVRCP/Rabies vaccines. Please do not hesitate to ask for a tour and call with any questions. Contact us online to find out additional information if you are headed out of town in the near future.
Gresham Animal Hospital is equipped to provide the service and treatment your pet needs all under one roof. Keep Gresham Animal Hospital in mind next time your dog or cat needs a checkup, shots or vaccines, or needs quality and caring boarding services.

If you have any questions or want to inquire about pet boarding, please contact us at 503.666.1600

“You’ll see how much we know, and you’ll know how much we care.”


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