No Thanksgiving Bones for Fido. Why Most Bones are Bad.

Gresham Animal Hospital_No Thanksgiving Bones for Fido. Why Most Bones are Bad
Many dog owners know that bones, especially cooked turkey bones, can be bad for dogs. This doesn’t stop the number of increased vet visits during the holidays for bone-related injuries.
There could be many factors why owners are still giving dog bones as a treat, after all, giving a dog a bone is a cliché. Many of us grew up during a time when dogs got ALL the leftovers. So don’t feel bad, here is an opportunity to find out why bones, and especially cooked bones, are bad for your furry family member.
The cooking process makes bones more brittle, increasing the likelihood they might splinter and cause internal injury to your dog. Plus, nutrition-wise, cooking can also remove the nutrition contained in bones. This splintering of the bones can cause injuries from the mouth to the tail-end of your pup, so lets start with the mouth injuries and work our way down.


Cooked bird bones can splinter after the first bite. These splinters are naturally pointy and sharp and can cause a bloody mouth or pierce the tongue.


Not only is this painful for your pooch, but also this is also frightening to your dog. This usually requires a trip to the veterinarian.


Before those bones get to the stomach they need to go down the esophagus, even it makes it pass the esophagus, your dog can still gag and bring the splintered bone back up. This is also true if the dog accidently inhales while eating—except this will impact her breathing.


Injury to this area almost always results in surgery. If the bone does damage to the stomach or intestine.


Constipation can happen for two reasons. One, like all the prior risks we mentioned, those bone fragments can get stuck and cause other food not to pass. Two, the calcium in bones are also a stool firming agent.
We want your best friend to stay healthy this holiday season. There are plenty of treat alternatives and human food is rarely a good option for fido.
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