Keeping Your Pets Safe While You Explore This Summer: #5

Watch Out for Potential Toxins
We are continuing our series of tips to keep your dog safe while you explore the great outdoors together!
Summer is almost here which means exploring and hiking with your best friend! Here in Oregon, we love going out and exploring our numerous trails, hikes, camping, and enjoying nature. It’s fun to take our dogs with us and they love it too! There are a few safety steps you should take for your pup while exploring together! Tip number five is to watch out for potential toxins while swimming and hiking this summer.

5. Watch Out for Potential Toxins

If your dog enjoys swimming, make sure you’re aware of the dangers associated with blue-green algae, which can be found in lakes, streams, and ponds. This bacteria can potentially kill your pet if it’s ingested through drinking contaminated water, or from licking their fur after swimming in a body of water containing the bacteria. Keep your pet away from any water sources with algae on the surface, and always give your pet a good rinse with clean water after a swim.
Also keep an eye on your pet to make sure they don’t ingest anything that could harm them, like mushrooms, plants, and berries. If your pet does ingest something harmful, call a pet poison control hotline for advice.

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