Keep Your Pets Safe This Spring Tip #7

Gresham Animal Hospital_Keep_Your_Pets_Safe_This_Spring_Tip_07
We are continuing our series on making sure your pets stay safe this spring!
Springtime is here, which means going outside more often and playing with our dogs, either on walks to the park or in our own backyards. But with spring comes more hazards for your pup. Here are a few tips for keeping your pet safe this spring! One thing you can do for your pets is to watch your home improvement projects and make sure your pets don’t get hurt by them!

Home Improvement Safety
The nice weather may be perfect for starting or finishing home improvement projects but hazardous materials such as toxic paint. nails, power tools and blades should be properly stored and kept away from pets to avoid injury. Confine your pet to a pet-friendly room if you’ll be working around the house.

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