Keep Your Dog Active This Winter 


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Keep Your Dog Active – Even In The Cold Winter Months 

Happy New Year, Gresham pet lovers! The Gresham Animal Hospital team looks forward to a whole new year of helping Gresham locals take care of their pets. Speaking of which – are you making sure to keep your dog active this winter? 

January Is National Walk Your Dog Month 

We know that it can be harder to stay motivated to keep active with your dogs during the cold winter months. However, it’s important that your dog gets the exercise they need all year round. That’s why January is National Walk Your Dog Month. National Walk Your Dog Month has been observed since 2017 when a clinical study released by The Association of Pet Obesity Prevention showed that about 56% of dogs in the U.S. are obese.  

Take Pet Obesity Issues Seriously 

You may ask yourself – is pet obesity really such a big problem? The truth is, however, that it can lead to other health issues, including arthritis, high blood pressure, kidney disease, certain forms of cancer, and a generally decreased life expectancy for your pet.  

Make the effort all year long to keep your pet active. Regular walks will help keep your dog healthy – and keep you healthy as well! 

Take Extra Care When Walking Your Dog During The Cold, Wet Winter Months 

When walking your dog in the winter, remember that you may need to wipe them down when you come back home. Wiping their paws can clean away dangerous substances they might have walked through, like de-icers and antifreeze. You can also wipe down their fur to ensure they’re not too wet and cold after a walk outside. 

Keep All Your Pets Healthy And Active 

Of course – this advice isn’t just for dogs, either! No matter the type of pet you have, be sure to give them proper exercise throughout the year. And when you’re ready, stop by Gresham Animal Hospital for routine veterinary check-ups! 

Rely On Gresham Animal Hospital For Top-Notch Veterinary Care 

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