Keep Your Pet Safe With Microchipping From Gresham Animal Hospital

Gresham Animal Hospita_Keep Your Pet Safe With Microchipping From Gresham Animal Hospital
Losing your pet is probably worst case scenario for many pet parents. Halloween means more opportunities for your dog or cat to escape out the constantly opening door and become lost. Microchipping allows for your pet to be identified and you contacted if your pet is picked up by a local shelter! Gresham Animal Hospital offers Microchipping so you can have peace of mind.

Pet Microchips

Microchipping is a permanent form of identification that ensures a safe return should your pet ever become lost or stolen. This identification system requires a single injection of a microchip about the size of a grain of rice. We recommend the Home Again chip as this technology used in the chip has been proven the best and is detected by ALL microchip scanners.

Gresham Animal offers Microchipping for your pet. Learn more about Microchipping from Gresham Animal Hospital.
Gresham Animal Hospital is equipped to provide the service and treatment your pet needs under one roof. Keep Gresham Animal Hospital in mind next time your dog or cat needs a checkup, shots, or vaccines. Give us a call at 503.666.1600 to schedule an appointment today.

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