Keep Fleas Away from Your Pets

Fleas can become a big problem. If your dog or cat has fleas, these parasites rapidly reproduce, soon infecting your other pets and even yourself! To save yourself from the pain and irritation of dealing with a flea problem, make sure that you give your pets regular flea treatments. At Gresham Animal Hospital, we have top-rated flea treatments which are effective but also safe for your pets and the rest of your family:

Flea Prevention

Adult fleas jump on your pet when they sense a host is near. A female flea can lay up to fifty eggs a day, 4,000 eggs in her life time. Eggs fall off your pet and develop into worm-like larvae, which hide in carpeting, furniture, bedding and other dark places. The larvae mature as they feed on fecal matter dropped by adult fleas and the cycle continues.
Fleas cause itching, irritation, extreme discomfort and sometimes lead to anemia, flea allergy dermatitis, Bartenellosis, and other diseases. When ingested, fleas can spread tapeworm. Symptoms of flea infections include itching, scratching and unusual amount of chewing and licking.
At Gresham Animal Hospital, we are committed to the health of your whole family. Preventing flea problems is important for both you and your pet! There are many types and brands of flea prevention products available to pet owners, from unsafe over-the-counter products to a myriad of veterinary products. With all of these choices, flea prevention has become a confusing issue. The doctors have carefully reviewed all of the products that are currently available and, having done so, recommend these topical flea prevention products.
We wish you and your pets a flea free season. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions regarding fleas and flea control. Call us at 503.666.1600 or contact us here.

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