Gresham Animal Hospital_Safety_Tips_For_Getting_New_Dogs_When_You_Have_Kids_12

Introducing Your Newborn To Your Pets

Gresham Animal Hospital_Safety_Tips_For_Getting_New_Dogs_When_You_Have_Kids_12
Bringing home a new baby is a singular joy, but to your pets, it can be a stressful time full of uncertainty and chaos. New babies, admittedly are chock full of uncertainty and chaos, but that’s no reason for your pets to feel severely unnerved. Consider these few tips when bringing home a new baby to ensure your whole family can enjoy this amazing and miraculous time together.
Don’t rush the introduction. When bringing a newborn home, make sure your pet is calm and obedient before it is allowed to approach the baby. Make it a priority that the pets maintain their quiet composure around the baby and those first few months will be a lot easier.
Make sure to remain a strong leader for your pets. As difficult as it can be, Fido still needs to be walked by a calm, commanding master. Making this bit of time for your dog daily will keep you balanced and give your dog the reassurance they need. Practicing with the stroller can also be a great way to get all the family members together in harmony.
Establish territory boundaries, such as the nursery and play areas. Keeping a clear boundary lets your pets know that certain are areas are off limits and will help regulate their behavior around said spaces. When your pets are calm and obedient, allow them in the rooms but only with supervision.
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