How To Move When You Have Pets

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Are you moving sometime soon? Moving is a big deal. Packing up your entire life into a few boxes is never easy, and when you have to do it when you have pets only complicates things. Having to deal with both your pets and moving your home can be a stressful event. Here are a few tips to help make the process of moving with pets go as smoothly as possible.

  • Get vet information: even if you’re not moving far enough to switch to a new vet, have your vet’s information handy (not packed away) during moving day in case anything happens during the move with your pet. If you are moving far enough away to switch vets, do so before moving day and have that information handy.
  • Update their tags: before the big moving day, ensure your pets’ tags are updated with your new address. You never know what could happen with their anxiety on the big day, so be prepared with this one.
  • Keep some food and medication with you: there are certain things you shouldn’t pack away for moving, so that you have easy access to them in an emergency, that goes for your pet too. Keep some of their food and any of their medications with you on moving day. It’s also a good idea to have a pet emergency kit with you on moving day too.
  • Familiarize them with your new home: if you can, take your pet to your new home prior to the big day. Allow them to sniff and scope out their surroundings: the home, the yard, the community, etc. The less “new” things they have to deal with on moving day, the better.
  • Have a space ready for them: make sure you have your pet’s home comforts waiting for them in their new space so that the transition is that much easier for them. Pets familiarize with smells and touch so having the things they are most comfortable with ready there waiting for them, will certainly ease any anxiety.
  • Get ready for the ride: even if it’s a short trip to your new home, make sure the ride over is as trauma-free as possible. Most pets get anxious in vehicles, so have a plan for comfort and easing their emotions.

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